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Project Newsletter No.1

August 2023    

r-LightBioCom sustainable bio-based HPC
Dear Reader,
We are excited to share with you the first newsletter of the r-LightBioCom project, which proposes a paradigm shift in the way high-performance composites (HPC) are manufactured and recycled, unlocking sustainable-by-design production of lightweight HPC.

In this issue, you will be able to find out about:

  • dissemination and communication activities carried out in the last few months since the start of the project in January 2023.
  • news and publications as well as
  • upcoming events where you will be able to meet us!
We hope you will enjoy reading this newsletter.
r-LightBioCom at one glance
We have developed a series of information and communication materials which explain what r-LightBioCom is about.
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Find r-LightBioCom in a nutshell on the project's website, flyer and poster.

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In January 2023, the consortium officially kicked off the r-LightBioCom project with the first General Assembly, hosted by the project coordinator AITEX in Alicante, Spain. The consortium took the opportunity to organise, discuss and exchange vividly about the project.
Creating awareness for the r-LightBioCom project
Within the short period of time since the project has started, the project members have participated in several events to promote r-LightBioCom and raise awareness for the project. A small selection:
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Hannover Messe 2023


Hochschule Kaiserslautern presented r-LightBioCom at the Hannover Messer 2023 - the leading industrial fair and event for showing innovations to an international audience.

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European Defence Innovation Days 2023


Fábrica Española de Confecciones presented r-LightBioCom at the EDID2023 conference and exhibition, organised by the European Defence Agency, under the auspices of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU.


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17th ETP’s Annual European Textile Conference and General Assembly and CITEVE´s iTechStyle Summit


AITEX introduced r-LightBioCom to the international textile community including presenting the project at the panel session Performance Materials for Future Products. 

Read about AITEX experience under:


Scientific Publication

Continuous sonochemical nanotransformation of lignin – Process design and control
Sílvia Pérez-Rafael, Guillem Ferreres, Tzanko Tzanov, et al.
In: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry; Elsevier; August 2023.

Lignin, the most abundant renewable aromatic polymer, has been successfully transformed into highly concentrated lignin nanoparticles using an eco-friendly continuous sonochemical process. By optimizing ultrasound parameters, researchers achieved precise control over particle size and distribution, paving the way for innovative material applications and the potential for real-time process monitoring.

r-LightBioCom joined the ECOSYSTEX community

In  May 2023, r-LightBioCom became a member of ECOSYSTEX, a long-term community aimed at accelerating collaboration in textile sustainability.

Read more under:

A first public dissemination webinar is planned for mid-September 2023, in which AITEX will present the project.
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New Partner on Board 

Due to the withdrawal of a partner at short notice before the project had started, one partner position had been vacant. But since the end of June 2023, this vacancy is filled by the SME Gen2Carbon.
We are pleased that the consortium is now complete and welcome Gen2Garbon in the r-LightBioCom consortium.

Upcoming Events

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ECOSYSTEX Insight Series

22.09.2023, online event

In its fifth public dissemination webinar, ECOSYSTEX provides the plattform for r-LightBioCom and other EU-funded projects focussing on textile sustainability to present their work and share findings/progress.

View the agenda and register now.
More information to come on our social media channels:

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r-LightBioCom Twitter profile
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10th National Congress of R&D in Defence and Security

14.-16.11.2023, in Cartagena (Spain)

Fábrica Española de Confecciones (FECSA) is going to participate in the 10th National Congress of R&D in Defence and Security (DESEi+d 2023), an annual congress and benchmark meeting point for the Defence and Security R&D sector in Spain, bringing together main public and private agents, such as universities, companies, and research institutes. FECSA will present the r-LightBioCom project as well as first results of the mechanical recycling tasks obtained within the project.

Expected Publications

  • Practical Approaches to Circular Economy in Automotive Engineering: a Review. In: Advances in Engineering Software, Nov. 2023

Thank you for reading!

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Contact: info@r-LightBioCom.eu
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