3rd r-LightBioCom Project Meeting held

On 22nd-23rd May 2024, the r-LightBioCom project held its 3rd project meeting in Terrassa, Spain. Hosted by project partner Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), the event was a hybrid of in-person and online participation, bringing together 27 project members and enabling wide engagement and collaboration.

The first day focused on reviewing the progress of the project, with work package leaders presenting updates on technical advancements. Participants discussed the achievements and results, highlighting outcomes obtained over the past months (specific project progress and results will be communicated via r-LightBioCom’s social media channels r-LightBioCom LinkedIn profile and r-LightBioCom X profile shortly and in the project’s forthcoming newsletters).

Following the technical project progress review, meeting host UPC gave all meeting attendees a tour showing its research laboratories and equipment used among others for the research activities in the r-LightBioCom project.



The first day meeting ended with a social dinner offered by the host UPC in which the partners had the opportunity to further connect with each other and to discuss further project progress in an informal and pleasant atmosphere.

The second day focused on dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities, as well as overall management topics. The General Assembly convened, and project partners engaged in discussions and collaborative decision-making laying the groundwork for the project to effectively moving forward. Moreover, the attendees had the opportunity to view and lay their hands on and discuss samples produced over the past months in the project.


Selection of presented samples:

The meeting underscored the collaborative efforts and significant strides made towards sustainable material innovations to be developed in r-LightBioCom, setting a promising tone for the project’s future milestones. It provided a valuable opportunity for all partners to connect with each other, share project progress and results, exchange thoughts and opinions, and plan the next steps in the course of the r-LightBioCom project. Many thanks to project partner UPC for hosting the meeting.

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