From project deliverables to communication & dissemination materials – find all kind of materials related to r-LightBioCom for download. 

r-LightBioCom participated at the workshop “Efficient, Lightweight, Sustainable Advanced Materials – Supporting EU industries to meet the Green Deal targets” organized an hosted by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) on 6th June, 2024. Technical coordinator Eduardo Fages Santana from our project coordinator AITEX represented r-LightBioCom and shared, among others, the project’s innovation strategies to improve properties and reduce environmental impact of high-performance composites. 

Presentation showcasing r-LightBioCom, shown during Repoxyble’s 1st Open Innovation Workshop on recycling, reuse and recovery of advanced composites.

Poster about Design and Manufacturing of Biocomopsites from Rapid Curing Technologies developed in r-LightBioCom, presented by project partner CIDAUT during the 10th Jornadas de Investigadoras de Castilla y León (10th Conference of Women Researchers of Castilla y León) in Valladolid, Spain.

r-LightBioCom’s second newsletter, February 2024.

r-LightBioCom’s first newsletter, August 2023.


r-LightBioCom’s general project flyer containing information about the project’s mission, objectives, expected outcomes, way of validation and involved partners.


r-LightBioCom’s project roll-up containing information about the project’s mission, objectives, and lists the involved partners.                                


r-LightBioCom’s project poster containing information about the project’s mission, approach, validation and lists the involved partners.